Catherine Foytik

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Your Next Journey Begins Here!

There are times in our lives when we just need or want someone to lend a helping hand and to know that someone truly does care.  To know that we are not alone.   Perhaps the desire to have someone offer an extra set of ears, or maybe just to have them be present to provide a caring and compassionate heart.  While we strive to be heard, seen or noticed, we slowly find ourselves sinking deeper into a hole, into darkness where it seems almost impossible to see the light.   

In these moments our body signals to us in some shape or form, as if there is an internal alarm clock, that there is work here to be done.  We often will experience during these times the presence of phsycial symptoms such as an illness, weight gain or loss, body aches or pains and perhaps increased fatigue.  This is the body's way of indicating that there is a healing that our mind, body and soul is requiring in order to live a full, happy, healthy and fulfilling life.  It is often in these times where we desperately seek validation, acceptance, unconditional love and guidance and so we reach out for help.   

Imagine how wonderful it would be to receive this healing all in one place, with a licensed professional who not only has a wide range of treatment options she personally provides, but also one who has moved through many of her own healings and can personally relate to what you are experiencing. 

Fortunately for you, Catherine Foytik, LISW-S, CRMP, CRP, ACHT, CPTL can provide you with the ultimate healing to assist and guide you in the process of moving beyond whatever roadblock you may be stuck at, whatever breaking point you have hit, and whatever healing your heart desires!  

Please take the time to navigate through the website and learn of all the amazing services offered.  

This is your journey and YOU and only YOU are in control of who can help YOU through this! 

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